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A World Asunder
Stormwind City, Elwynn - Friday July 30, 2021 - Three Columns

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Saturday night kicked off the campaign trail for two Stormwind City Council Seats with the race’s first candidate forum. Six would-be councilors spoke of their platforms and answered questions from both moderators and audience. Amongst the candidates were Hannah Wells, a former priest of Stratholme and newcomer to the city; Wilhelm Stark, commander of the private military contracting organization, the Obsidian Sun Company; Lasciell Ravenwood, a noble hailing from Darrowshire with eyes on arcane-renovation; Kelladis Ourano, captain of the Siren’s Song and Xaxdorei representative; and Lioron Picard, High Phoenix of the Phoenix Odyssey.

Several issues were posed to the candidates, ranging from their stance on the recently strained relations with Silvermoon to the burgeoning crime rate within the city. Questions were posed from the moderators, Hayli Dawnguard and Salem Dizzlespark, with some posed to individual candidates and others open to the entire forum.

Wilhelm Stark took to highlighting his reason for running for the Old Town seat, saying that “[p]art of the problem we’re facing right now is that the City Council has not provided us with a real opportunity to help them…” Newcomer Hannah Wells echoed the sentiment in turn, saying she would “like to see the City Council given true legitimacy.” As concerns about the validity of the last round of elections are becoming heated talking points around the city, it is no wonder why the candidates made their stance on this issue known. Xaxdorei representative Kelladis Ourano had this to say on the allegations of his organization’s interference:

“All campaign management and fundraising are supported, but not managed by the Xaxdorei. I was not here for the last election, but I can assure you that we intend to let democracy run its due course in this election.”

Public reaction to the forum was shaky, with many claiming the questions posed were biased in favor of particular candidates. A success nonetheless, the five candidates found their voice amongst the people watching. Small groups broke out afterwards in informal campaigning and planning for future events. If you’d like to know more about each candidate, we will be running pieces on their platforms in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out. As this election cycle comes to a heated head, remember to look to the Grobbulus Times as your number one source of news.

Once again, seats have opened in Stormwind City and hopeful applicants are filling in from all walks of life to put their names forth as elected representatives of the six districts. The Stormwind City Council, primarily an advisory and oversight body for the Crown, is a group of officials not appointed by Nobility, but elected to office by the people to give citizens a voice in this time of uncertainty and war. Some months ago, Councillor Salem and Councillor Niehr were elected to the Trade and Park districts, respectively. Seats have now been made available for the remaining four districts: Cathedral, Old Town, Mage and Dwarven. And with such a surge of interest from the population, it is clear many feel the need for such a body of officials remains even after dismissed claims of corruption which plagued the last election period.

Old Town and the Mage District seem to be the most hotly contended districts this time around, with the conditions of the impoverished and war-orphaned in the Old Town gutters drawing particular criticism. Meanwhile, many are calling for more restrictions and greater taxing of the Mages and practitioners within the Mage District, one of the wealthier sections of the city, and cite dangerous experiments done without oversight as serious sources of concern for the average citizen. Applicants interested in submitting their names as candidates are directed to the Town Hall offices, and the first Candidate Forum to answer citizen questions and raise awareness of platforms will occur May the 30th at the same location. Following which, a near month-long campaigning period will be held across the city. The Grobbulus Times will be on the scene covering this election in detail, and keeping you up to date as the names of those in leading positions are revealed.

This past Wednesday evening, just as the sun was setting over the savanna, Northwatch Hold’s outer towers came under attack. These assaults were surgical strikes orchestrated by a group of Forsaken infiltrators known as the Hand of Lordaeron, seemingly meant to cripple the garrison for future acts of Horde hostility and aggression despite the growing threat in Silithus. Cleanly and carefully carried out, these attacks left an unknown number of valiant Alliance guardsmen dead, and at least ten injured. However, the Obsidian Sun Company, in cooperation with other mercenary forces, had received intelligence that an attack in force may have been forthcoming, and dispatched reinforcements to the Hold in time to rally the defenders and beat back the attacking Forsaken.

“We were expecting a large-scale siege,” States Obsidian Sun board member Wilhelm Stark. “But perhaps [the Horde] were smart enough to know they would lose in a fair fight, resorting to these underhanded tactics instead.” While it is certain losses were inflicted on the Forsaken attackers, it is believed those injured or killed were carried off by their allies in the retreat, as Northwatch Hold reports no prisoners taken or bodies recovered following the skirmish. Inventories and archives at the Hold are currently being reviewed and counted, to ensure nothing was lost or stolen by the Hand of Lordaeron in their assault. No further details have been released to the public at this time, but the Garrison Watch Commander thanked the involvement of the mercenary forces and assured our reporters that order would quickly be restored, and watch doubled at this critical Alliance foothold in Kalimdor.

The Grobbulus Times, recently featured in the Eastern Kingdom’s newest publication out of Stranglethorn Vale, would like to take brief passage to welcome other journalists to the professional stage. The Times accepts articles of all viewpoints and conflicts, publishing both for and against many subjects, and is happy to see further citizens adding voice to the continental conversation of our great Alliance. Though initial articles have espoused the evils of ‘demonizing the innocent’ (the woman in question, Lantana, was recently killed after attempting to murder druid of the Cenarion Circle on behalf of Warlock Cultists) and ‘false reporting’ (the Bugle itself accidentally falsely reported the contents of an official Stormwind Justicar report without verifying the contents), we at the Times know these are common and forgivable mistakes of the enthusiastic but not-yet experienced. The Grobbulus Times looks forward to further cooperation with the Bugle in ensuring fair, multi-viewed reporting of all news pertinent to the Alliance and our day to day lives.

After a week of deliberation, punishment has been meted out in regards to the gross abuse of authority which saw Tira Phalandrin abduct and imprison citizen Elwynri Goldmane late last month. As a body of trusted authority in the City, Councillor Niehr and Councillor Salem met with representatives of the Stormwind City Guard, Justicars and Silver Hand to offer recommendations as to repercussions. Appropriately, these recommendations seem to have been taken seriously as the Silver Hand announced that Tira Phalandrin would be stripped of her rank undoubtedly for conduct unbecoming, and the Stormwind City Guard has advised they will be keeping close eye on Phalandrin in the future.

Elwynri Goldmane, a former Veridian Order member, is currently being vetted and cleared of suspicions of felcraft or possession by the Justicars of Stormwind. Independent sources and publications, partaking in uninformed fearmongering, expressed concerns at her recent hiring to City Council as low-ranking secretary. Justicar Bigsby dismissed the worries with an amused wave of hand; “(…) It is suspected Elwynri may have been possessed at the time [of her kidnapping], but there is no evidence currently to corroborate this belief. The Justicars will be keeping close eye on all persons of interest in this case as investigation proceeds.”

The official report, a copy of which was hand-delivered to the Grobbulus Times by the gracious Council, reflected as such in clear language with phrases like “There are procedures and protocols to follow in dealing with the occult. Though Tira’s motives and intent were sound, I am of the opinion that she has violated those procedures.” and “Elwynri herself was warded (…) to keep her from interacting with the fel and shadow.” Records of this transcript are available at City Hall to citizens who request the Council for access.

With combined efforts of the Council, the investigation of the Justicars, and the firm support of the Stormwind Guard, justice seems to have been appropriately served. A testament to the ongoing cohesion between all aspects of enforcement in our city, and the weight which outside organizations give to the recommendations of our City Council in such judicial matters.

House Sentinel Cleared in Kidnapping Investigation!

Late last week, a joint operation between the Stormwind Justicars and the City Guard saw the estate of House Sentinel occupied and searched. This peaceful raid, led by Guardsman Marcus and Justicar Bigsby, was the result of citizen reports following the kidnapping of Stormwind resident Elwynri Goldmane two days prior. Last seen with House Sentinel member Astris Hale, the presence of blood and fel magic at the sight of Elwynri’s disappearance prompted the City Council to dispatch both forces to investigate.

A crowd gathers outside Sentinel Manor as the raid is ongoing

After several hours of search and interrogation, Justicar and Guardsman forces vacated the property to instead dispatch soldiers to Nethergarde Keep. Only after their return was it revealed that Tira Phalandrin, Paladin of the Silver Hand, had been keeping the missing Stormwind citizen in her custody for unrevealed reasoning. Though House Sentinel has purportedly been cleared of all wrong-doing, Justicar Bigsby Wallace spoke with our reporters as to the nature of his investigation into the charges of kidnapping and felcraft.

“Though Astris Hale was an accessory to this crime, she was not its main perpetrator.” Stated Bigsby as he was questioned while delivering written report to City Council. “I have recommended that Tira Phalandrin’s position with the Silver Hand be examined and, if possible, revoked. She has proven repeatedly her lack of interest in lawful process, in upholding the tenants of the light, and in distancing herself from the corrupting influences of shadow and fel magics.” This latest charge of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment is just the most recent in a long series of allegations against the Paladin, following in the wake of rumors of involvement with an unchained Succubi and the use of fel.

When asked for a quote, City Councilwoman Salem Dizzlespark, who has taken charge of the official proceedings, had this to say: “The kidnapping of Elwynri Goldmane, a lawful citizen of Stormwind, by Lt. Commander Tira Phalandrin is not only unacceptable from a leader of the Silver Hand, but a disgrace to those who look to them as beacons of the Light. This egregious example of vigilante justice will not go unnoticed or unpunished by the Council.” She later went on to praise the efforts of the Stormwind Guard, and to commend House Sentinel for their cooperation with the official investigation. Paladin Tira Phalandrin has been placed under guard within Stormwind, pending the decision of the City Council.

The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza took place this past Sunday afternoon, prompting hundreds of would-be champions to take to the shores of that jungle peninsula with rod in hand. The competition itself was to be the first angler to catch 40 Tastyfish, a difficult feat to accomplish on a good day. The draw of the title of Master Angler and the tackle awarded alongside made many brave the jungle heat to provide fierce competition. A solo fisherman fared no chance, for they had to compete against aggressive wildlife, cutthroat competitors, and bloodthirsty horde. Several factions rose up during the tournament, then, aiming to increase the chances of seeing the trophy brought home for their guild’s name. Using spotters to scout for pools of spawning Tastyfish and bodyguards to ensure their ward faced no threat, each guild’s angler patiently waited for the fish to bite, a strange juxtaposition to the bloodshed often just down the beach.

Always a close competition, the race to return to Booty Bay with the day’s catch hand is perhaps the most exhilarating part, as several parties near the finish all at once. The priestess Avyndriel Glimmermoon of the Goldshire Inn Staff managed to claim the inaugural title, under the careful ward of the Staff’s finest. Her stalwart demeanor in the face of such competition saw the day’s victory and awarded her the title of Master Angler. This past week’s victor, however, saw scandal, as claims of collusion between Horde and Alliance have since circulated.

Besmirched as the trophy may now be, the Fishing Extravaganza remains a fun outing and break from the tedium of Stormwind politics.

The analogy of scalpels and hammers is indeed tired, but it holds true in respect to the endeavors of those who would keep Stormwind City safe for us. The Justiciars, whose name was made a household favorite by their efforts against the flagrant and abominable excesses of one particular warlock, are the logical and necessary answer to what the Stormwind Guard, through little fault of their own, are unable to contend with. Numerous as they might be, the watchmen have not contended with demonic forces and true, fundamental evils like the Justiciars have. Each member is handpicked by the ambitious mastermind of the force, Bigsby Wallace, whose beginnings as an agent against destruction lie in the last stand of the Silver Hand in Lordaeron. I was fortunate enough to have words with him, to pose questions to him.

Those who would safeguard us should be known to us. To that end, I went to meet with the man once again and pick his brain about this nascent order.

Banholt: "How many of you are there? Do you worry that there's too much ground for the few of you to cover alone?"

Bigsby: "Justiciars? Currently, there are four of us, but I've still others I want to reach out to. I think keeping the forece small will give us more autonomy and more reach. Quality over quantity. The stakes are high in this line of work."

Banholt: "But you wouldn't refuse the help of others when needed, would you? You didn't bring down Jarlief alone, after all."

Bigsby: "Of course not. The call can go out when needed. We have the authority we need to take action against the occult when it rears its head, and that's what matter. We can make deputies if necessary."

Banholt: "Does this occur often? With such a massive city, do you not find yourself overwhelmed?"

Bigsby: "Much of what we do is research and investigation. Confrontations are rarer than you'd expect. We'll look everywhere from the libraries of Stormwind to the Temple of Darnassus for answers."

Banholt: "Even the Temple of Darnassus? That far?"

Bigsby: "There are powers beyond the Light that I wield. The Light is an umbrella, and beneath it there is much else. I've witnessed the power of Druids and Elune's worshippers. In fact, what's to say Elune is not an aspect of the Light?"

Banholt: "Is this work you do an extension of your time as a member of the Champions of Peace?"

Bigsby: "Once a Champion, always a Champion. My brothers may have fallen, but I did not, and I carry on my oath now just as I did then."

There you have it. I was impressed, as these Justiciars seem to have a sense of focus and purpose. Their leader's drive to do what is righteous should be lauded. Let our fears be, at least to a degree, assuaged.

As the conflicts rage across the continents, as noble soldiers abroad fight to safeguard our way of life from the masses of the Horde, as mercenaries and diplomats and tradesmen all do their part towards the ongoing battlefronts, we here at home forget at times to take a moment and think on the many groups working towards the common good of our Alliance. So has this piece begun; a look, each week, at one of the organizations unsung in their efforts. And where better to start than at the heart of the Alliance, and the Stormwind Guard.

While the men and women of the Capital are as varied in their services as background, a new infantry company headed by Guardsman Marcus ------ was reached out to. In the wake of so much of Stormwind’s standing military forces being deployed to reinforce garrisons and combat the Horde, volunteers like Marcus and his forces have become pivotal to maintaining order in the Alliance holdings and Capital itself. When asked about the burdens of their new role, the sentiment seemed cautious, but ultimately optimistic.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us.” Remarked the newly-promoted company commander. “For too long have the streets of Stormwind been ruled by thuggery and vigilante justice. Our first task is reminding these individuals that, war or no, law and order still rule here.” City Councilwoman Salem was unavailable for comment, but was seen publicly endorsing the newest Guardsman company after their successful presence at the Night Market, thanking Guardsman Marcus for his contributions to event security.

“We’re always in need of volunteers.” Said Marcus in closing. “Those with military background or combat experience are most in demand, but any able-bodied citizen willing to step up for the Glory of the Alliance and her provinces should report to the Command Center. Guardsman Arlorn will be waiting to take your applications.” The citizens of Stormwind and the Grobbulus Times salute the brave members of the guard working tirelessly to keep us safe, and look forward to their continued, and increased, presence.

The wave of gnomish protests over labor concerns which have plagued supply lines across the front have finally been put to rest, but not with any payoffs or usual tactics. Xaxdorei Cartel representatives, in cooperation with the Marshals of the War Campaign, shocked the business world today with an announcement of labor camps once more being opened in the wake of ongoing conflicts. Pioneered by the Grand Marshall of the Azeroth War Campaign Ulfrinn Ashbeard, funded and staffed by mercenaries of the Steele Xaxdorei, this move is stated to be in response both to the crippling lack of supplies making it to the frontlines, and an overabundance of Horde prisoners of war in wake of crushing victories in Stromgarde and Arathi.

“The Alliance’s noble history has seen repeated use of captured prisoners as workforce,” Stated Fayanna Steele, head of the Cartel here in Stormwind. “A way for the enemy to be used proper and contribute, rather than being a needless and wasteful drain on supplies.” Though the location of this camp was not disclosed, it is purported to be situated safely behind Alliance lines, and capable of outputting much needed armaments and gunpowder for military use. This has raised outcry with several independent arms-suppliers and traders, who have argued that the allowance of what is effectively slave-labor is a grossly unfair advantage in an incredibly competitive market.

Responding, Marshal Ulfrinn of Clan Hammersong said, “Bah, unfair you say?! These be times of war; we don’t be having the leisure of time and fairness! We only be needing one thing right now and it’s not fairness; it be weapons!” Though Clan Hammersong is so far the only known group of the Azeroth War Campaign to fully embrace this new approach, rumors persist that others on the makeshift council have endorsed the methodology, unnamed members of the Obsidian Sun Company commenting their support for the new influx of supplies. The Xaxdorei Cartel has stated that, once more Marshals sign contracts in agreement, it intends to create and staff a further three camps to fully keep up with ongoing demand.

“Our camp is peaceful, its occupants kind.” Finished Boss Steele of the Xaxdorei. “The Cartel, of course, conforms to all standards of fair and humane prisoner treatment outlined by Alliance policies. It’s our hope to encourage more to agree to our generous terms, and enjoy all the benefits and produce these labor-camps bring.” Time will tell whether this endeavor remains as profitable as all signs seem to indicate, or if we are looking at the prelude to similar losses of life which plagued the last great war’s use of such camps.

Character Journals

Pre bis with some kara gear

by HuntingGoats on 06/23

yes thats me a draenei hunter thats lvl 70


by BinkLeffery on 05/06

Just a gnome from SW, Has begun training as a mage.

Dosunmu - Human Mage

by on 05/01

Retail king - Classic noob

Fresh 60 from Faerlina

Looking for good times

Probably smoking weed or drinking.

22 years old. Ready for hardcore raiding/wPvP and all grobb events !


by Luffyx on 09/17

I need friends hordes or alliance I am a magician level 51 I am a good person

Escape from Perdition

by Ceriphia on 06/14

Rain poured down through the thick forested sky above. Had it been weeks or days? She could not remember. She only knew that she could not turn back... not to that place... that horrible horrible place.

The screams in the night had faded, she was that far. This much she knew. She only had to keep traveling south, down the river. It would take her to Tarren Mill.

"Tarren Mill" the words she spoke in whisper with chattering teeth. She was soaked, freezing and alone. The darkness of night closing in around her.

"It should be here." She thought again out loud, continuing to trudge through the mud of the river bank. Just as her self trust began to vanish and she feared herself lost, a single dim light broke through the mists of the bank. There, in the distnce the shadowy outline of Tarren Mill emerged within the gloom.

Her heart leapt, finally... she had made it. An outpost of the Alliance. She lifted mudcaked robes and began to sprint toward the small village, relief washing over her being. Closer and closer until..... no. Something wasn't right.

She could hear no voices, no laughter... no smell of food or sound of life. She stopped, slipping behind a large pine where she could get a clear view of the chapel.

A robed figure emerged, robes tangled and dirty. For a moment she thought him a priest of the light, but then... slowly surely... her relief turned to terror. She withdrew her gaze and drew her hand to her mouth to stifle her own screams.

He was no human at all but a shambling corpse. Had the scourge truly taken all of Lordaeron? Where the things they had said... the fears they had tormented her with true all along?

Gathering her grit she slunk away, back into the forest toward the river. "It can't be true." She thought. "I must push on to Southshore... it can't be true."

She continued on her way for hours more along the bank. "Southshore will be there." She told herself through clenched teeth.

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More Character Journals

Ahoy, Reader, Kelladis Ourano here to shed some light on the details of my campaign for Stormwind City Council this Summer. I am running for the Old Town representative seat and would like for you to consider voting for me in this upcoming election. As a long-term professional ship captain, I know what it’s like to turn a ship that’s seen better days into the pride of the fleet. That’s what I hope to do with Old Town when elected.

Old Town currently is a testament to how the city’s nobles have let the common people down. The most historic district in Stormwind, and it’s home to struggling family businesses, unemployed workers, and cast-aside veterans of our army who fought bravely for the Alliance in each and every war. When elected, I hope to stimulate the economy of the district by creating jobs for the unemployed and promoting these family businesses that have been passed down for generations from parent to child.

The common people of the city have been overlooked and overworked for years, and it’s time for their voices to be heard. As a sea captain, it’s important for you to listen to each and every sailor on your ship and take their words to heart. With my experience and willingness to hear and help our people, I believe that I am the best candidate for the job. When it comes time to vote this Summer, who are you going to choose? Someone who intends to keep things business as usual, or someone who’s ready to make the changes that this city needs? I am Kelladis Ourano, and I am Running a Tight Ship.

This message paid for by Xaxdorei for Ourano.

The public forum Saturday night, a shining beacon of the democratic process within Stormwind, was marred by a once prominent community figure’s crusade against the unknown. Apothecary, Scalebane, Shan’do: these are the most venerable titles that Kaladhir Ambertap holds to mark a druid, a citizen of his stature. Each honorific earned with fang and claw, fighting for his people and even those of this land he now calls home. For this reason I must say with heavy heart that I am disappointed in Ambertap.

Once a staunch ally, I was revolted to find the embittered shell of a druid that heckled the candidates that night carried the same name. So proud was I to lend my aid to the apothecary’s campaign effort, dutifully taking note of each word spoken on the various platforms present, that one can imagine my shock to find my friend disparaging the very newspaper I write for. The vitriol, then, that spewed from this man soured the room. The name-calling and implications of unfair terms caught the candidates off-guard, though they managed to regain composure well-enough. And as if that were not enough, Ambertap made a mockery of the entire process, displaying a startling lack of understanding and care by announcing his intent to run for Park District Councilor – a seat that is not up for election.

His rejoining the crowd, then, was further turning point as he renounced his candidacy and took to jeering at the remainders. To Lady Lasciell Ravenwood he made offensive remarks of a purported tattoo, directly asking, “I would need to have you searched…[] Would you like to consent to the guards?” The confusion in his now-failed campaign was brought to a head as he challenged City Councilor Rhien Heartseeker directly, going on to demand she resign “out of shame.” Ambertap was escorted from the building shortly thereafter.

I write this op-ed not to disparage the good druid’s name; Elune knows he has done well enough in that regard for himself. I write to let the readers know the dangers of wanton vigilantism, to let the readers be aware that such conspiratorial nature can turn even the most noble of people into raving vagrants. I write out of fear that the lunacy that has gripped a dear friend may spread throughout our dear city.

-Ellaria Moonbough

Ahoy and avast, people of the Alliance. I have returned to continue the enthralling tale that I began last week, so that you may find a stroke of maritime entertainment in your lives. Without further ado or poetics waxed, let us continue the tale of Kelladis Ourano and the Baron of Shipwreck Isle!

As we left off previously, myself and Captain Alessa von Alder were thrown overboard into the raging sea during a terrible storm after she had released me from a false imprisonment in an attempt to save the ship from going down after the previous helmsman was cast overboard himself. Sadly, despite my best efforts, we suffered the same fate as the poor helmsman and we were also thrown overboard before the ship capsized, sending the rest of the crew to the bottom of the sea. Of course, if I am writing this, I must have survived, no? Lest this world I am in be an afterlife, then it is the case.

Myself and Captain Alder found ourselves washed up on the white sandy shores of some island neither of us recognized. We found that the chain that she had used to bind us together so that she could place me back in the brig after I had so bravely attempted to save her ship was still tightly clapped on both of our wrists. With no tools nearby to sever said connection, it seemed that we had to stay together for the time being.

After a day of exploring to find food and water, as well as a high place to search for any ship sails in the distance, we spotted a curious pillar of smoke on the horizon. Deciding to make our way there, we spent several days trudging through the jungle, making our way towards the signal we had seen on the horizon. It took us nearly three days to reach our destination, but what we found was well worth the rough journey. A compound made of hewn logs sitting in the middle of a clearing in front of a mountainous stack of stone ruins. Natives or new arrivals, who was to say? But we thought that it was better to take our chances than to stay out in the jungle...

In time for the next deadline!

The parchment is covered in a mixture of blood, dirt, and tears. The corners are ripped as sloppy quill marks cover the pages.

I'm... sorry, to everyone I've failed. To the Light, to the Knights of the Silver Hand, and to those in Stormwind. I can't handle this cursed place. Desolace... the Kodo Graveyard... it's too much. I can't feel the Light here. I feel weak. And they won't permit me to go home. I miss Stormwind. I miss the forests of Elwynn and the lakes and the sky and yes, the people.

I have to leave. I can't stay here any longer. I must take matters into my own hands, as it's clear the Silver Hand will not help me. I will form my own company, and bring justice to those who deserve it. To whoever finds this, Rose Company will defend you.

A large blot of ink covers the bottom right of the page.

Furious scribbles line the page margins, signs that the ink and quill were perhaps not quite agreeing.

I-- We've finished what things were required in Lakeshire. I heard whispers in the Inn of happenings in Darkshire. It isn't too far and it sounds like problems we should be able to assist with.

I've written my love with my updated 'home' from the time being. It's dark and dreary here. He would love it.

Peaches and I have set up in the Inn in Darkshire and have begun looking around for those in need of help.

Until next time --